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After experiencing the type of care given @ two of the larger animal clinics in the Clear Lake Area, it was refreshing to find TLC. The personal attention and caring nature of everyone, from the front desk staff to the veterinarians, makes us feel secure in knowing we have our pet's health in the best of hands. No one WANTS to go to the vet (owners and pets agree!), but if you have to, TLC is the place to go!
-Susan H.

My husband and I have two chow-chows and two cats, and the staff here at TLC Animal Hospital is great with them! We've been coming for a couple years now and have always had positive experiences. We rescued a kitten last year that sadly had some neurological problems and had to be put to sleep. The entire staff was amazing during the entire process: during the diagnosis, care management, and during the kitten's last days. They even sent a beautiful card afterward letting me know they were still thinking of us and our loss, and knew how painful it had been.

The staff always call after appointments to follow up, they always take the time to answer all your questions, even if you call at the last minute, I have never had a problem scheduling appointments, refilling medications, etc. Their love of animals shows and my pets LOVE going. They know when they are going to the vet and it isn't a word we have to avoid in our house, they actually get excited when they go!

One of our dogs had an aural hematoma this past summer and we were at the vet's office frequently, and even though it was just one dog that needed to be seen, both dogs always ended up going, and the vet never minded. They adore the dogs, feed them treats, have their own cats that wander the place and love on customers looking for treats of their own. If you love pets, and are looking for a truly animal friendly environment, this is the place for you!
-Rebecca N.

TLC is the best! I have been going there for many years with multiple pets and they are wonderful. The staff is professional and kind, they treat your pets as if they were their own. They are always willing to help, even with just a question over the phone. I can't imagine bringing my pets anywhere else!
-Clare M.

We started taking our 2 year old puppy here a few months back. Staff is friendly and informative. They are great with our pet. Both the clinic and the boarding facility are clean and comfortable. Prices are reasonable. Glad to have found it.

Dr. Richardson and Dr. Kuecker are extremely caring and highly knowledgeable veterinarians. They have provided both of my dogs with excellent care for the past several years and I wouldn't take my dogs to any other animal clinic. The office staff is also very friendly too. I highly recommend TLC Animal Hospital to anyone with a dog or cat.
-Stephanie W.

The Docs and staff at TLC are sensitive, caring and friendly! We've been clients for many years. They have been compassionate with our cat's ups and downs until the end of her life here, as well as meeting the needs of our dog.
-Sharon & Maurice B.

TLC Animal Hospital of Houston, Texas features highly skilled and extraordinarily accommodating veterinarians and veterinary technicians. The receptionists are courteous and helpful. The pet owner can comfortably expect to be consulted and fully informed in treatment decisions. I am happy to entrust TLC Animal Hospital with the veterinary care of all my pets!
-Clif B.0

I just started taking my babies to TLC Animal Hospital within the past year. We were going to a vet in Pearland and I hated switching, but the drive was getting to be a bit much (live in Clear Lake). I cannot say enough good things about TLC. I absolutely LOVE this place! They are so good with my two fur-kids, Molly and Yogi :-) They both see Dr. Kuecker and she is wonderful!! All of the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. If you need a vet or if you are not happy with your current vet. I highly recommend TLC Animal Hospital.
-Taylor B.

I have been using Dr. Kuecker and Dr. Richardson for around 20 years or so. They are very knowledgeable, compassionate, and will go the extra mile for you and your pet. They keep up on all the latest information and respect any research or information you may have when it comes to treating your pet's issues. My first cat lived to be over 19 years old--I know it was because of the care they gave him. My current cat is also a patient of theirs and has a health issue, but is being treated and managed with the best of care -- she is doing amazing and I know that she is in good hands with them as her veterinarians. Kudos to TLC animal hospital!
-June G.

Our neighbor recommended TLC for our cat and dog when we moved into the neighborhood three years ago. We had already started using another vet clinic, but decided to try out TLC because their prices were slightly less-expensive than our current clinic. Since our first visit, we've had nothing but great experiences with all of the staff and vets at the clinic.

I'm the first to admit our energetic dog is quite a handful (he can quickly cause a ruckus) - and the staff is always patient and loving towards him. The facility is always clean and well-kept. The staff has gone out of their way on multiple occasions to accommodate our pets.

We utilize TLC for all of our veterinarian visits and pet boarding - and would recommend them in heartbeat!
-Meredith F.

We started using TLC in 1996, 16 years ago, and have been there ever since. Dr. Kuecker and Dr. Richardson are very good about diagnosing problems and advising the best path forward. Our three dogs have lived long lives and the doctors have helped to make the quality of those lives very good. They are loving, compassionate and well trained. I have recommended them to all of my friends with pets. I would not want to trust my dogs to anyone else.
-Marita M.

I have used TLC Animal Hospital for 8 years for my animals. In that period of time I have been a frequent visitor with my animals for varying reasons. Dr. Kuecker and Dr. Richardson have always treated me and my animals with the utmost care, compassion and professionalism. Their staff is always kind and attentive and they are always available when needed.

I would not trust my animals with any other clinic.
-Carrie K.

Dr. Kuecker and Dr. Richardson deserve a five star rating. They and the staff treat all our animals with tender loving care. The whole entire staff bend over backwards to make sure our animals get the proper care they deserve. Keep up the great work TLC!
-Sarah D.

I took my dog to TLC after the clinic I was going to didn't have the staff that day to see him until late in the afternoon. I called TLC and they told me to bring him in immediately. He ended up being a very sick little guy. He had pancreatitis and then developed diabetes requiring daily shots. They worked with me repeatedly giving him the shots and then when he became insulin resistant, euthanasia was the only alternative. They supported me during this time as well as sending me flowers, a card signed by all the staff, and a donation to the College of Veterinary medicine & Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M in honor of Riley. This allows for future research to give our animals better care.

Three weeks after my loss, a member of the staff contacted me about a couple needing to find a good home for their two year old Yorkie. To make a long story short, I have had this beautiful little guy for over a year, and he has been a God send. I have been blessed with him, new friends who provided me with him, and TLC.

I also want to mention their boarding facilities....clean, friendly staff who truly care for your animal, and onsite of the veterinary clinic in the event of any emergency while you are away.

If you want a facility who cares about the quality of life of your animal, this is where you will go. They have good hours, caring staff, patient staff, and two of the best veterinarians you could ever ask for. Thank you TLC for being there for me and my precious dogs. Riley lived a short life, but he never doubted the efforts you bestowed upon him. Augie is a lucky guy to have the best services in the area!
-Mara Y.

This is the only clinic I would ever trust my dogs to! Dr. Kuecker and Dr. Richardson are two of the most knowledgeable and caring vets I have ever met. And the staff are very friendly and personable. I have been taking my dogs there for a while now and they make you feel like family. They are open late on Mondays which is nice because I work and they are also open on Saturdays. It is a very clean clinic and the boarding facilities are top notch. I recommended this clinic to one of my friends who was getting a new puppy. She took her puppy in and fell in love with this place, as i'm sure you will too!!
-Lindsey J.

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