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Where else will the vet get on the floor with my cat to gently coax her out from hiding for the exam? Dr. Kuecker is so sweet and actually listened to what I had to say before deciding what needed to be done.
- B. Ulrich



I love this clinic! I've used them for all my pets since 1994. . From the time I first take a rescue pet to be checked out. Until the time they help me say "goodbye." They are very kind, knowledgeable, and thorough.
-E. Schaefer



Awesome place, wonderful doctors, caring staff! Convenient and clean!
-C. Gaston



I am so in love and impressed with Dr. Kuecker. I am new to the area having left in 1992 and just returning in January. I was so anxious about finding a new vet since I've had the same one in Grapevine since 1992. I brought in my senior dog and my puppy yesterday evening and didn't even realize that it was Dr. Kuecker when she came in the room. She was going on and on about my new furbaby and how cute and sweet she was (because they had taken her in the back to do a fecal). She introduced herself and then sat on the floor with a handful of biscuits to get acquainted with my senior dog and me. She is a treasure!!!
-M. Ehring



We moved away from Clear Lake to Pearland six years ago and still go to TLC even though it's a 20+ mile drive. I tried finding a closer vet, but there isn't anyone I trust other than Drs. Kuecker and Richardson and their techs. There's not enough room for me to write all the great things they do. Trust me when I say they're the best and I truly appreciate all they do for us!
-B. Lee



Thank you for taking such good care of us! We got in within a few hours of calling and they took such great care of our cat. They made a wonderful referral for us to see a specialist and even followed up with us a few days later to see how she was feeling. I would recommend this clinic to EVERYONE! Their staff is beyond great even when simply talking to them on the phone. Thank you again, TLC for all that you do for our fur babies!
-A. Weber



Best vet around! My dog first went here when she was hit by a car. They were so gentle and caring with her (and with me!). They did a great job of easing my fears and making sure I was fully informed about what was going on. My little pup made a great recovery and now I wouldn't dream of taking her anywhere else. Every time we go in, everyone is so sweet and I appreciate how attentive they are to the pets and the owners!
-A. Budden



Thank you for always taking time to give advice. We really feel as though you care even though we have only been there a short time. My Lars never seems like he is afraid to come to the clinic (unlike at his other vet) I hated to leave him for the day but I am always comfortable leaving him with all of you.
-S. Dixon



Wonderful clinic - I have been taking my dogs there for there for the past five years. I usually go almost every other week for my dogs nails and other care items. The vets and staff truly care about their patients (animals) and they listen to the emotions/concerns of their humans parents. They are very accommodating and knowledgeable! I know dogs are in good hands!
-D. Reba-Haller



It was the Friday before July 4th weekend and apparently that happens to put a strain on the vets in our area. Our normal vet was overbooked and would not accommodate our urgent need to see our ailing pup so they asked us to call TLC. TLC was also overbooked, but graciously saw us in a last minute late afternoon appointment! These folks were great! We didn't exactly know what was wrong with our child, but the vet and assistants were very attentive and helped us out. They were superb! They treated me and Apple as if we were family! Never have we been somewhere that the staff showed so much affection to our little sickling, even crouching down on the floor to give her kisses! I think we have found a new place to take our lil bugg and you should too! 

About the place... Its very clean and modern! We were immediately taken back to a private room and checked in on multiple times before and after the doc saw us. I really like that they can take your notes on their in room computers and even process your payment right there. Speaking of payment, they were better priced than other places we have been, Score!

Thank you to everyone at TLC and we'll be recommending you to all of our 2 and 4 legged friends.
– Toby A.



So glad we switched here from our previous vet! They are wonderful to work with, thorough, kind, and unfazed by my big boy's fear of vet offices. The vet tech got Dozer through the exam with copious amounts of cheese and lots of love and patience. Every visit has been great, and follow-up phone calls are always easy and thorough, too. They even foster pets looking for adoptive homes in their office - love it! Thanks, TLC, for taking such good care of my Dozer boy.
- Jenny M.



I can only bring my dogs to TLC & I feel confident that they're going to help with any issue or simple things as answering my questions. We extremely thankful for Dr.Kuecker as she's extremely knowledgeable, caring, and loving with my 3 dogs Loki, Thor, & Odin (who's a little to playful).
- Majay M.



Excellent vets! Take great care of your pets. I took my dog Cali there on an emergency and they are fantastic. Dr. Diane got on the floor with Cali to look at her. Very personalized care.I will be taking all 4 of our babies to them from now on. I just moved from Austin and hit a home run when I found TLC. Thank all of y'all so much!!!!!
- Laura S.



We started taking our 2 year old puppy here a few months back.  Staff is friendly and informative.  They are great with our pet.  Both the clinic and the boarding facility are clean and comfortable.  Prices are reasonable.  Glad to have found it. 
-J M.



We have been using TLC for 4 years and I cannot say enough good things about them. They treat every animal as it is their family. We have had to make several trips. 1 big baby we lost to brain cancer and they were beyond words good to us and our big baby. We have another small baby that is 13 and we feel safe and protected with them treating him for multiple problems over the years. THE BEST hands down.
- Cody P.



I would give this place 10 stars if I could! Not only did they totally take care of & save our fur-baby, but our overall experience was truly fabulous! The Friday before a holiday weekend, I called our vet where we had been going for 9 years- they turned us away saying they were "too busy to see emergency visits". She thankfully referred me over to TLC and after calling and speaking with the friendly ladies at the front desk, they squeezed us in. Although during our initial visit, they were unable to determine an issue with our pup, when we returned the next week, they went into overdrive and got her admitted, got her procedure moving ASAP. (Too bad pups can't speak to tell us where they are hurting!) They kept her overnight and when we picked her up the next day, we could already see a 100% difference with our pup. The doctors are amazing- they even got on the floor with our pup, held her & loved on her during her visits. The techs were also incredibly friendly and attentive. We did have a few follow-ups with them, but totally worth it all. Our baby is back to normal and feeling a lot better. We are thankful for TLC and they will now be our regular vet. I plan on continuing our care with TLC and their fabulous staff!
– Lauren A



I needed a vet quickly for my two cats, and TLC Animal Hospital was recommended to me by a family friend. I was quite surprised (and relieved) that they offered weekend hours. I called and was able to make an appointment very quickly. They worked around my schedule to make sure it was convenient for me. 

When bringing my cats in, I was immediately greeted by the front desk personnel. The waiting area had a dog in it, and much to my surprise, they brought me back to an examination room immediately as to not stress my cats out from being in the waiting area with the pup. I thought that was a very kind thing to do, it really showed concern for the well being of my babies. 

Once in the room, I was warmly greeted by a tech who offered me something to drink, wanted to make sure I was comfortable and gave me the paperwork to fill out. I was completely baffled by how nice they were. I've not had that experience with other vets in the area. 

Dr. Kuecker arrived promptly and checked out both cats, one at a time. Her bedside manner was impeccable and it was clear to me that she loves her patients like they're her own pets. She was so sweet to my cats, who were a bit worried at first. Dr. Kuecker also made small talk, making me more comfortable with the whole experience. She then quickly and accurately diagnosed both of my cats and gave me medications for them. She gave very detailed instructions for medicating the cats, and tips on how to get the cats to comply with the pills and eye drops. 

I wasn't sure what to expect, cost wise, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I paid roughly half of what I was expecting to pay to have 2 sick cats seen, including medication. I was completely satisfied with my visit to TLC and I will be back when the cats need their vaccinations done again. I highly recommend TLC Animal Hospital and Dr. Kuecker. It's clear that not only does she enjoy the work that she does, but she also loves her patients. She turned a stressful situation in to a breeze.
-Casey C.