Personalized Patient Care

The doctors and staff at TLC Animal Hospital realize that every pet that comes to our clinic is unique and is treated as such. Every animal has its own special needs and the staff at TLC is prepared to address each and every one of them.

At TLC Animal Hospital, we also realize that cats are not dogs and have different needs. In order to address these needs, we have special accommodations for our feline patients. Our cat only exam room is equipped with a Feliway diffuser that naturally creates a calming environment for your kitty. Our highly trained team is experienced in handling cats of all temperaments and will work to help your kitty feel as little stress as possible when visiting our clinic. We use only non adjuvant vaccines on our feline patients to help reduce the risk of tissue reactions or sarcomas from developing at the injection sites.

Fear Free

Visiting the vet shouldn’t be scary! We want your pets to enjoy seeing us as much as we enjoy seeing them! That is why we practice Fear Free Standards in all areas of our clinic, even in our exam room. Relax to the sounds to soothing music during your appointments while calming pheromones throughout the clinic help your pets feel at ease. If your pet is anxious about coming to the clinic, whether it is for an exam or boarding, please let us know when you schedule your appointment.

Being Fear Free starts at home! Things such as letting your cat get used to the carrier ahead of time, bringing your dog to us just to say “hello!”, and calming supplements can help make vet visits more enjoyable for both your pet and you. For more tips on things that you can do at home, call us or click here to learn more!

Comprehensive Wellness Exams

Comprehensive Wellness Exams are important when it comes to ensuring that your pet lives a long, healthy life. By bringing your pet to the vet on a yearly basis, you can help prevent possible health problems in the future. Early detection is key when it comes to your pet’s health.

Diagnostic Examinations

Aside from annual well health examinations, TLC also offers exams that address specific concerns that you may have about your pet’s health. Whether it is a problem with your pet’s eyes, ears, skin or health in general, we can help diagnose and treat your pet so that they can feel as good as new.

Geriatric Wellness and Care

Unfortunately, aging is a fact of life and can take its toll on the body. There are many changes happening inside the body that we cannot see simply by performing a physical exam. Because of this, we offer more extensive bi-annual examinations and diagnostics geared specifically for our older patients so that we can monitor them closely for age related changes and address developing medical conditions as soon as possible. These exams include diagnostics such as blood pressures, ocular pressures and labwork. We customize a care plans for your pets as they age so that they can remain happy and comfortable in their later years.

In addition, we carry a variety of products that address age related changes including Purina Neuro-Care, a diet designed to promote healthy brain activity and joints in aging dogs, and Planet Dog “Old Soul” Toys.

Read more about our Senior Wellness Care Program.

Diagnostic Testing

Our state of the art treatment area allows us to perform various forms of diagnostic testing. We are currently equipped to perform blood pressures, EKGs, radiographs, dental radiographs, and urinalyses in the clinic. We are also able to run blood work in house but have the option to send samples out to a lab for more extensive profiles.

Parasite Screening/Treatment

At TLC Animal Hospital, we recommend checking your pet for internal parasites on a yearly basis. We are able to both test and treat various forms of internal parasites. We offer heartworm tests and treatment, as well as, fecal screenings and treatment for intestinal parasites such as hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, tapeworms and giardia.


TLC Animal Hospital offers a variety of vaccinations for both cats and dogs. Vaccinations are an important element when it comes to your pet’s preventative care. After discussing your pet’s lifestyle, you and the doctor can decide which vaccines are necessary for your pet’s well being.

Dental Exams and Cleaning

Pets need dental care too! Much like people, cats and dogs fight gum disease, plaque and tartar. In fact, it is one of the most common medical conditions that we see in our patients. When you bring your pet in for an exam, the doctor will check their teeth and gums and let you know when it is time for them to be cleaned.

To thoroughly examine your pet’s teeth and gums, properly get rid of nasty plaque and tartar and really clean their pearly whites, they will need to be anesthetized. Though sedating your dog or cat seems scary, it’s not as bad as it sounds—in fact, the procedure has never been safer. Prior to sedation, the doctor will perform blood work that will check your pet’s basic body functions  and help us to determine whether or not your pet is healthy enough for sedation. Throughout the procedure, all pets are monitored closely by both a surgical technician and monitoring equipment.

Much like when we go to the dentist, the technician will scale and polish every tooth. Dental radiographs allow the doctor to see what is going on under the gum line and allows her to determine which teeth are damaged or unhealthy and need to be extracted.

When you think about it, the benefits of dental cleaning outweigh the possible risk of anesthesia. Not only will your pet’s breath smell better but her teeth will be shinier and healthier too! As an added bonus, maintaining healthy teeth and gums will help to protect your pet’s other organs, like the heart and kidneys from the damaging effects of dental disease.


We perform many types of surgeries at TLC for both cats and dogs. Some of the more common procedures that we perform include spaying, neutering and declaws. The doctors are also experienced in mass removals and other procedures. Our newly remodeled state of the art surgery suite allows isoflourane anesthesia and for your pet to be closely monitored by both pulse oximetry patient monitoring and by our highly trained technicians. Much like with humans, for the safety of all of our patients, blood profiles are required prior to all procedures.

For more information regarding our Surgery Policies, please click here.

Cryo Surgery

Cryosurgery (or cryotherapy) is the application of extreme cold to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue. Cryosurgery is used to treat a number of diseases and disorders, especially skin conditions. Cryotherapy may be a better description of the procedure, since surgery is usually associated with cutting and in most cases, this treatment (therapy) does not involve actual cutting. Cryotherapy has been in use for over two hundred years. The application of intense cold will result in the death of the targeted tissue and the numbing of surrounding sensory nerves, reducing pain and discomfort.

In many cases, it can be curative depending on the condition and the site. This type of procedure is helpful in removing small growths or skin tags and can usually be done with only local anesthetics.

Laser Therapy

Cold lasers use lower wavelengths of light to interact deeply with tissue to promote healing by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.  Our Class III Therapeutic Cold Laser is specifically designed to treat both acute and chronic conditions such as wounds, cuts/bites, pain and inflammation due to injury, arthritis and post surgery discomfort. Following a laser session approximately 75-80% of clients that have patients being treated notice improvement in their condition.

In 2015, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and the Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) released the new Pain Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats. These guidelines recommend that laser therapy should be part of a multimodal pain management plan for all dogs and cats as laser therapy has been proven to dramatically reduce edema, pain, self mutilation, and acute inflammation in pets.


Did you know that the City of Houston only requires shelters to keep your pet for 3 days before they are able to adopt them out or dispose of them as they wish? Microchipping is an affordable, permanent form of identification that we highly recommend for all pets so your furry family has a greater chance of being returned home safely should they ever get out.

At TLC Animal Hospital, we use PetLink Microchips. These microchips are only slightly larger than a grain of rice, have a lifetime registration and meet international requirements.

Home Delivery

We know how busy life can get and sometimes it’s hard to find time to stop by the clinic for more of your pets’ medications or food. Thankfully, through our partnership with VetSource, we now offer the convenience of Home Delivery for our clients! This includes food, heartworm and flea preventatives, medications and even shampoos and ear cleansers! All orders are processed directly by our staff and can be delivered straight to your home within a few business days. Customizable auto-ship options are also available for all foods and medications so you don’t even have to remember to order a refill every time you are running low on these items!


Do you need a place for your pets to stay while you are away? In addition to veterinary services, TLC Animal Hospital also offers boarding accommodations for dogs and cats of all sizes. For more information regarding our facility, boarding policies and accommodations, please click here.


In addition to boarding, we also offer bathing services at TLC Animal Hospital. We have several bathing packages and add-ons for clients to choose from including our Deluxe Baths which, in addition to getting your pet(s) nice and clean, include a nail trim (complete with dremeling to smooth the nail), anal gland expression, brushing of the teeth and cleaning of the ears. We also have special pricing for animals that need medicated baths for the treatment of skin conditions.

Training and Obedience Classes

Training and obedience classes are currently being offered in the evenings at TLC through a third party, Vicky David. For more information, please contact us and we will help you get in touch with her.

Is your schedule too hectic to allow for you to come to classes? That’s ok! We’ve partnered with My K9 Behaves, an online training course that you can take from home!