Our Resident Fur-babies


Gibby came to us in 2011 and the entire staff fell in love with him right away. Now that he is older, he doesn’t spend much time at the front desk anymore, preferring instead to lounge around the offices in the back. You can often find him curled up in one of the office chairs or sprawled out in one of his many beds.




Sushi was just a tiny kitten when she was rescued in 2015 by one of our clients. After being up for adoption for several months, our staff fell completely in love with her and decided her forever home needed to be here at TLC. She goes crazy for catnip, loves chasing her laser and batting around balls of paper. Sushi is very food motivated and will do just about anything for a treat. If you don’t keep an eye on her, she will sneak off with your lunch! She is extremely affectionate and purrs nonstop!



Clarisse is the newest member of the TLC team! She was brought in as a stray in November 2016 and she quickly made herself right at home! This gorgeous gal is extremely curious and is always getting into some sort of trouble. She spends most of her day upfront- greeting clients and lounging on the cat tree. She loves catnip, treats- of any kind! and batting around toys.




In Loving Memory: Webster 1999-2015
Webster was a valuable member of our team for more than 16 years. A client and staff favorite, his hobbies included greeting clients, climbing into women’s purses and just being lazy! When he wasn’t sprawled across the front desk, Webster could often be found lounging in the Doctors’ office. Webster was without a doubt the greatest clinic cat we could ever have asked for and he will always have a special place in our hearts! Rest in peace handsome old man… We will miss your sweet hugs!



In Loving Memory: Macy 2000-2016
Macy was a part of the TLC Family for more than 15 years. She spent most of her time at the front desk- greeting clients and pretending to be a paper weight! We all miss her greatly and she will always have a special place in our hearts! Rest in peace sweet angel. TLC will not be the same without you.